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Hey guys! Long time no posts! As it seems there has been some work done on the server! Yay!

We have completed the map layout as you can see here:

You can check out more about the map and the server here:


If you want to see more of the progress and such make sure to come by the serve:


Or view the map here right in your browser (Updated all the time): MAP

Remember, we still need to build the rest of the map,a nd the final release is coming soon. Please come by if you can build, and make sure to download the Required Texture Pack here: BladeCraft[64P]

Com by the server any time!

Blade Runner Stills

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Because Bladecraft is based on the film Blade Runner, the map will be designed in the style of the Cyber Punk city of Los Angeles, but will be completely original. The map structure is already set out (see below posts).

Here is an album of reference images from Blade Runner which will be used in the design of the map.

Thank Shortee for the album.


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Yes! We now have a live map viewer where you can see the progress of the map!

Please stop by to check it out here.

(Click the image for a bigger version)

Forum Post!

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Check out the Post on the Minecraft Forum's by clicking this image!


VIP Package!

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     Bladecraft will be featuring a VIP status which you can purchase via the Purchase VIP tab on the right for Five (5) U.S. dollars. At the moment the package is undecided since the server is not open, thus the package is currently unavailable. This is a great way for the server to earn revenue in order to pay for this site, bandwidth, and possibly and upgraded dedicated server. Of course the VIP package is in no way will make you the most powerful play on the map, but it will give you certain perks that will enhance the experience even further without overpowering the player. Simply put, this does not make you god, or let's you instantly kill players. There will be more items to purchase via the store soon, we just haven't come up with much. Leave suggestions in the forums.


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     Yes, BladeCraft will be a 40 slot server! The official McMyAdmin Pro software has been bought and this means we can now make unlimited ammount of slots! This is great news, and we hope this project will turn out to be bigger than you expect.

Concept map and building design.

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     So as you can see the production is going great. We are planning the map and designing the features. After 1.8 comes out, we will be working on the custom client. It will have many features, including a custom PvP plugin that allows the main feature, a capture of regions system, to be implemented into Minecraft visually. Also, there will be capes, custom sounds, a Xp system (native vanilla improved if necessary), custom BladeCraft Achievements and other fancy stuff along the way. The custom client will not affect your vanilla Minecraft Client, so all of your vanilla mods will stay intact.

Also, we are looking for Java programmers with experience in modding both single player and multiplayer. If you are interested,please contact us.

Stay tuned!


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If you are reading this letter, welcome! BladeCraft is just taking of and we are looking forward to a nice start. Please advertise this page where ever you can in order to promote this new idea. Thank you very much for your time!